The Revlon Girl Writers’ Workshop 2016
Tue 4 October 2016 / Written by Miriam

The Revlon Girl Writers’ Workshop 2016


Neil Anthony Docking, writer of The Revlon Girl which is touring through Wales in October, is leading a free creative writing workshop at Tŷ Newydd Writing Centre on Saturday 8 October from 11 am.


Workshop Aims

  • To introduce an overview of story structure and theory, with an emphasis on those dramatic theories most commonly used in film, theatre and television: encompassing the essential writings of recent and popular practitioners of story theory and reducing their differing and disparate approaches into one consistent theory.


  • To illuminate the problems associated with Exposition in storytelling. In other words, the methods used to introduce information through dialogue- and discuss some tricks of the trade to avoid it sounding terrible.


Workshop Length: 3 hours.  Free


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