• Picture:  Kristina Banholzer
My first visit to Tŷ Newydd Writing Centre…
Tue 5 November 2019 / , / Written by Arthur Robinson

Upon my first residential visit to Tŷ Newydd naturally I was excited but as someone who suffers with social anxiety disorder I was also very nervous about the prospect of throwing myself into a group of absolute strangers in an unfamiliar environment. But, I found my anxiety to be wholly unnecessary as the members of the group were so very kind, open and warm that I was very quickly at home amidst their company and I can quite honestly say that it was a joy and honour to hear everyone share their work with such emotion and integrity, which was simply inspirational. Also, Victoria Field who was the course tutor, was remarkable in her ability to put a group at such ease that they felt able to do so, and so well. I thoroughly enjoyed Victoria’s tutorage and benefitted greatly, not only from her workshops but from her one to one session and general guidance, all of which has helped to bring on my writing in a meaningful way. Through her workshops I am now confident in my capability of setting up my own writing group where I can help others to heal through creative writing much as I have done personally through the invaluable input of Victoria.

The workshops and writing aside, the accommodation was excellent, the room and bathroom facilities was very satisfactory and the bed incredibly comfortable. Accompanied by the sheer tranquillity of the buildings and their surroundings, I was in a better state of mind leaving than arriving suffice to say.

I have to say that Tony, the resident chef, never failed to amaze with his cooking all – of which was not only delicious but also healthy – and I was lucky to aid him in the kitchen on one occasion. He was a pleasure to work with and provided great hospitality and humour.

I would strongly recommend anyone, no matter who they are or where they are from, to visit Tŷ Newydd – they will undoubtedly be made to feel welcome and will leave nothing short of inspired.

I certainly look forward to going again.